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How It Works

  • Find an adoptable that you think would be a good fit for your family

  • Submit a adoption application

  • Schedule an adoption or meet/greet date​​​​​​​​​

    • All adoption and meet/greets are held at our Chester office:13125 Rivers Bend Blvd, Chester, VA 23836 ​

    • Adoptions and meet/greets are held on Saturdays by appointment only.

  • On Adoption Day, you will sign the adoption agreement and spay/neuter agreement. ​​

    • Spay/Neuter - states that you will have the animal spayed/neutered within 30 days of the adoption date

    • Adoption Agreement- states that you will provide proper care for the animal and the animal will be returned to P4AC if needed.​

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All fees are considered donations and are non-refundable. Fees can be paid using the donate feature.

P4AC Adoption Fees:

  •  The adoption fee is directly applied to vaccination costs.

*We do not cover spay/neuter costs. Spay/neuter costs are the responsibility of the adopter.

  • Cat Adoption Fee: $50 + spay/ neuter fees

    • additional cats: $25 per cat + spay/neuter costs​

  • ​Dog Adoption Fee: $100 + spay/neuter fees

    • additional dogs: $50 per dog +spay/neuter costs​

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P4AC Return Policy

Any animal adopted from Paws 4 A Cause Animal Advocacy Center can be returned at any point to P4AC after the adoption. We do not believe in putting a time limit on when an animal can be returned. Our main goal is to keep animals out of shelters. We ask that if for any reason you can no longer care for this animal, please return them to the care of P4AC. We ask that you do not drop animals off in empty lots or parks. In cases of emergency, please contact your nearest animal shelter and let us know so that we can make arrangements to pick up the animal.

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